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Diploma in computer Application

Computer basics – Introduction to Computer, Classification of Computers, Basics Computer organizations, Memory unit, CPU, input/output units, Software, Hardware, Types of Computer, MS Paint, Files and Folder, Add/Remove programs, Notepad,MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ) Internet & Email.Binary Number System, Conversion to binary to decimal, Decimal Number System, Hexa decimal octal, Binary addition and Subtraction etc Introduction to Programming logic, Flowchart symbols and flowchart, Pseudo code, Coding, Compiling, Documentation and Maintenance. Introduction to Relational Database Management Systems, Tables, Primary key, Foreign key, Relationships, Basic SQL Commands, Managing Database with MS Access, queries, forms, ReportsWith the growing demand of computers and the role it plays in our life, more and more skilled professionals are required to take care of the finer points. With new innovations in this arena there is a growing demand for computer professionals with a sound understanding of basic computer applications in business covering key programming languages, data base management,computer software development in specific applications such as studies & financial management