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Why Nanny Course?

This Nanny Course is for all those ambitious students who want to settle overseas(Canada, USA) for professional work. Opting for our 6 months Diploma comprises helps the student get well-versed with various aspects of Child Care and Home Management. After successful completion of the course, each student takes up the practical job training in real-life scenarios. The student has access to a range of opportunities after completion of this course.

Nanny Course in Amritsar

Nanny may be an individual utilized by a family to require care of children, ancient age individual, or an individual with inabilities. The Nanny preparing course empowers you to perform your obligations as nanny professionally. The length of the course is 6 months.

This Course includes

  • Care giving manuals
  • First aid, CPR
  • Nutrition
  • Record Keeping
  • Home Management
  • Cooking Skills
  • Personality Development
  • Interview preparation
  • Resume Taking

Candidate with minimum secondary education (in any stream) can do the nanny course.

Career Opportunities

Nanny is a lucrative profession one can have in overseas countries like UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other developed countries. Nannies are in high demand in developed countries for many reasons. Nannies with good command over English are also highly preferred. It is one of the respectable jobs in many families around the world. With both the parents working and no one to take care of children, the demand for nannies is higher than ever before. A certification course in nanny helps to earn lucrative remuneration in overseas countries.